A pair of Semi-Detached Houses(Un-mirrored) in Manchester

Year: 2021 Plot area: 287m2 / 3089.2 ft2  Number of unit: 2  Unit A:  Three-story, Four-Bedroom house with integrated single carport  CIA: 116m2/ 1247.8ft2  Unit B: Two-story, Five-Bedroom house with integrated single garage  CIA: 168m2/ 1804.3 ft2 Status: Planning Approved    After 2 rounds intensive pre-planning engagements with a local planner, the LPAs finally agreed that the houses […]

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18 New Build in Ellerslie, Darwen

Planning approved-in progress  Ellerslie House is a large, impressive detached mid-19th Century dwelling that stands within 4.4 ha (11acres) of picturesque and bucolic surroundings, of which 1.22ha (3 acres) has been approved for new development. The site is surrounded by various species of large mature trees through which winds a bubbling brook. On the day […]

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‘FUSION is the act or process of fusing or the state of being fused; a Fusion is something new that is created by a mixture of different qualities, ideas or things.’ To reconsider how we move towards a sustainable way of living to fuse the disconnections which exist in environmental (physical) and economic, social dimensions. […]

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