‘FUSION is the act or process of fusing or the state of being fused; a Fusion is something new that is created by a mixture of different qualities, ideas or things.’ To reconsider how we move towards a sustainable way of living to fuse the disconnections which exist in environmental (physical) and economic, social dimensions. […]

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Xizhimen has been the northern gate of the capital, Beijing, since ancient times. The gate marked the entrance of drinking water for the Emperor, coming from the Jade Spring Hills to the west of Beijing. The ancient original gate was demolished in 1969. In 2004, with every key site in Beijing having almost incalculable value […]

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Although this site is nearly 7 kilometres away from the sea it is in the lively and flourishing downtown area of the beautiful city of Qingdao (also home of the world-renown Tsingtao beer). This site is rectangular and is surrounded by four streets. Of these four streets, the southern and eastern are main traffic routes […]