Although this site is nearly 7 kilometres away from the sea it is in the lively and flourishing downtown area of the beautiful city of Qingdao (also home of the world-renown Tsingtao beer). This site is rectangular and is surrounded by four streets. Of these four streets, the southern and eastern are main traffic routes however the site has quiet places too on the mid-west, northern and western sides. The two main functions will be hotel-style apartments and commercial offices. In accordance with the official indicators, a cube-shaped building will be built which will be ‘cut’ into three horizontal levels on the east-west axis. The main middle space up to the fifth floor is to be open while the remaining two sections are slightly staggered horizontally. Floors 1 to 5 are for commerce and open onto clear walkways. Above are apartments which are independent of the lower floors which also ensures that each has equal lighting and ventilation. The western site of the building also has the connection of the two buildings’ external corridors and the staggered arrangement of roof gardens which enriches the guests’ space while also being the main facade of the building. Single-sided reflective glass and white aluminium walls emphasise the light and elegant style of the overall design. Sunshine is refracted by the exterior ‘saw-tooth’ shaped refractive glass with its different angles and filters. A feeling of lightness pervades.