Tsinghuan Residence

Over time Tsinghua University has, inevitably, been losing its former quiet grace so in the autumn of 2004 it was decided to build a new residence to the north of Fifth Ring Road and decrease the pressure on the existing facility.

Three design studios, only, were invited to submit proposals. Consulting was undertaken over 45 days and actively involved the well-educated and highly-cultured incumbents in the development of the residential strategy for Tsinghua’s staff. The resulting scheme was based on multi-functional villages within a real and living environment.

Key Architectural Achievements

Structural Transparency: With the ground floors being light and airy we followed through with giving the residents a view of a continuous green landscape.

Natural Light:  using 45% axes throughout light was evenly distributed to every residential unit.

Integrated Landscapes: From the large area of greenery on the western side a narrow path of green was connected to the residential road which formed a circle of sports activity and scenery.