How to rescue & revive a leftover urban area?
Three overall objectives were targeted by the design framework:
  • Conservation of existing urban forms.
  • Consolidation of established character and diversity of uses.
  • Reinforcement of a unified ‘Sense of Place’.  
The design concept was established by using traditional (interviewing and photography) and creative site survey (mapping entrance doors) methods.  Entrances tell us a great deal so the mapping of the entrance doors of the John Street Triangle revealed the big disconnections; another unexpected and important discovery was that every main facade had an arched entrance leading to a courtyard and that most of them could play an active role the redevelopment.
Linking these arch entrances and their courtyards not only established a logical inner-network amongst the Triangle community but provided an axis to organise various points of attraction as well. Each hub is shaped by reinforcing its build character and plays out a sequence of routes at both spatial and activity levels.
The introduction of a new residential area for artists not only reinforces the culture led development but completes a cycle of 24 hours use.   Existing vacant spaces have been transformed into an open space for both inhabitants and city visitors.