4 New Homes at Meadowcroft Farm, Chapeltown, Turton


The site is contained and constrained by the surrounding dwellings located in a picturesque town. In the new scheme, a site specific design approach was used for creating spaces not just for future occupants to enjoy but to contribute to the surroundings and local culture.

This  proposed site layout there is a more natural and organic look.Four houses have an L shaped form, which is altered to fit each individual plot.These L shapes create a far more interesting and diverse spaces between each dwelling than a square shape does.

By the use of the new form and carefully positioning each house (keeping required separation and avoiding direct overlooking) also allows the site to integrate well with the surroundings.The rearrangement of the site layout not only enables the garden space to be maximised for each family to have sufficient amenity space but also to allow the occupants to take advantage of surrounding view.

Additionally, each house has its individuality but remains part of an integrated whole which establishes a robust design ethic for the development.

To sum up, we are not satisfied to just fill a gap but to make it living and alive.​​​​​​​


Flexibility, views and private domains are the key principles for designing these house layouts. Each house has its ground floor as an active area with open floor plans to adapt to modern lifestyle and potential functional changes.  Bedrooms/ study are located on the first floor and vaulted loft.