Apartment Guizhou

The project was located in Liupanshui County in western Guizhou Province. The owners were three leading and successful figures from different industries in the local area. This project was their first in real estate, so one of them came to Beijing to visit many famous design studios to gather ideas and formulate the best project proposal.

The city itself is a result of the west to east linear development. The project plot is located at the eastern gateway to the city and was conceived as a major Liupanshui landmark. The outer extent of the L-shaped site is defined by mirrored L-shaped multi-storied buildings containing both residences and small businesses. The entire complex is divided into two functional macro-levels with Floors 1 to 4, being the base consisting of small businesses, and the three L-shaped towers being apartments, where the towers appear to float above the base.

The whole complex looks like a gigantic urban sculpture made of local natural materials which, in turn, integrates with the dramatic background landscape so that residents enjoy the silhouette of the surrounding mountains. To avoid residential and business cross-flow the roof of the base levels has been liberated to form a huge roof garden for leisure and entertainment.