‘FUSION is the act or process of fusing or the state of being fused; a Fusion is something new that is created by a mixture of different qualities, ideas or things.’

To reconsider how we move towards a sustainable way of living to fuse the disconnections which exist in environmental (physical) and economic, social dimensions.

FUSION through:

Symbiosis • Reinforcing shared yet independent living, with buildings featuring ‘super courtyards’ that empower positive shared social interaction.

New Typology • Inspiring and innovative buildings and overall site design which establishes vibrant shared spaces where physical, social and economic activities and opportunities can integrate and flourish.

Self-Sufficiency • Evolving greater economic autonomy by establishing active studios, small businesses, craft and workshop spaces alongside allotments for produce and leisure gardening. These also create shared social spaces to develop stronger social bonds.

Education • Creating stimulating and flexible spaces suitable for formal and informal education from crèche and nursery through academic schooling, job focussed workshops to creative learning experiences for any and all of the community.

Integrated Landscape
Sees the Project as Landscape with the focus on all objects and spaces as integrating, enabling, empowering and stimulating social cohesion.
Incongruence, Difference and Resemblance as Architecture flow from uneasy and energetic chains.  Buildings and the landscape are organised in an explicit network with strong, clear and natural communication across and between all structures and features, boundary to boundary.