Villa 090

Foresthills is a rare classic villa on Beijing’s Inner Fourth Ring Road and with a highly appreciated interior space and building design.

To the south of the area, there is a beautiful natural lake and this particular project is located on the slope of the shore and with a well-proportioned interior to maximise the views. The large windows on the southern and westerns side of the lower floor open onto the lake as a back garden.

Wisely, the architect used the height difference between the swimming pool and other activities such as sun-bathing. With the exception of the northern entrance, the other three extend the circle, making it compact.

The owner is a foreign entrepreneur who has his own well-known multinational company. No.090 is used to as a leisure retreat for the householder and his family two or three times a year. He would like to make the house available as an upmarket venue for entertaining valued customers, so the requirement of the overall style needed to be natural, highly-technical and exude a solid, permanent feel.

We designed the main part of the open space for the living room on the first floor and through the reorganising space created a cigar room for when the occupier emerges from a meeting. We also enlarged the restaurant area and service spaces to make the functionality as smooth as practicable.

We added a “Light Gallery” outside on the south side to enjoy the lake view.

The second floor is designed for the bedrooms with master and guest rooms all with en-suite bathrooms. Here there are independent spaces creating a relaxing privacy through the adoption of ‘borrowed’ scenery. From the main entrance, the ‘flow’ runs through the four cores which also forms the entrance hall and lobby.
We have suggested altering the existing staircase so that the walls surrounding the core tube and its surface be the same material as the background of the sculpture. This alteration reduces the original staircase and increases the curvatures of the space.