Darwen Cube

Darwen is a forgotten town in East Lancashire. As a former cotton town, Darwen has been reinventing itself as a Market Town. The existing 3-Day Market in the town center

was built in the 1970s and has been struggling to keep up with the rapid changes of modern life. The Town Council has decided to demolish it and the local business community wants a proper replacement for the structure rather than a bigger town hall square. Darwen Cloud and Darwen Cube were selected from my 5 initial conceptual ideas for a new market annexe design.

General design principles:

· Identity & locality

· Community spirit & inspiration

· For all age groups to use and enjoy

· Mixed use · Green energy and technology

· Micro-climate The proposal has been presented to the Darwen Town Centre Business Board and the designs have won the majority of hearts in the meeting held in the Town Hall – which the condemned hexagon market annexe abuts.

Darwen Cube is designed to maximise identity and locality. The 6 irregular cubes come from the explosion of the geometry of the current 3-day hexagon market.

The Cube generates the diversity of space and promotes social interaction. Each block has its uniquely independent character while remaining a part of the unified whole. An underground basement links all the blocks above the ground together which can be adapted to accommodate a large range of events and activities.

The cluster is like a micro village integrated into the town fabric creating a diversity of the spaces both inside and out. The diverse space usage promotes casual interaction. The Cube(s) will be the heart of Darwen where the flow can go through the area in many different directions and onto space which all can use and enjoy.