value by design…

Studio Tian  is a research-based, multi-disciplinary studio.

Driven by design excellence, we are dedicated to creating and designing better places/objects for people to use and enjoy.

We are talented and passionate individuals who believe in and pursue multiple narratives in projects of very different scales, attributes and contexts.

Working from an open and collaborative environment, we balance imagination, creativity and reliability to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Place + Spirit

We are dedicated to creating better urban spaces, buildings and interiors for people to use and enjoy, visuals that impact while pursuing ‘genius loci’ – the spirit of ‘place’.

Through bringing distinctiveness and individuality to each project we push boundaries: taking on and assessing all the practical creative solutions and design approaches to achieve successful outcomes. 

Expertise + Common Sense

We work closely with our clients. At STUDIO TIAN we don’t just offer our expertise but also our deep understanding of the objective, business and human drivers.

Technology + Environment

We are always open to technology and embrace it within all our processes, so improving both quality and efficiency. We always favour the environmental approach in our processes and in the delivery of our high-quality projects.