Happy new year! 

What are your goals and plans for the new coming year?

Are you planning to renovate your home to accommodate the growing trend of working from home?

You might even contemplate embarking on a self-build journey to realise your dream home for your growing family.

Is learning another language or skill marked on the first page of your diary?

You might also decide to take a suggestion from an astrologist who you have been following on twitter and get yourself ready to engage in a meaningful long term relationship.

Is sleeping earlier and exercising regularly on your list?

No matter what your intentions are I wish you a year of peace and harvest!

It is funny though, I find that the older I get and the less easy it is to pin down my specific plans and goals.

Nowadays,  I tend to be a post structuralist and prone to go with flow but structurally planning.

You might ask what has changed?

Here comes my answer: my fear has lessened and my sense of freedom has increased due to having a dose of Delta.

Last May, my 7 year old son contracted Delta at school and generously passed on to me and my husband.

We started family self isolation on 16th May 2021, when our PM confirmed the ‘single biggest step’ in relaxing the restrictions. Meanwhile the health officials sought to control the spread of  the Indian variant at Bolton area.

I had my moments of despair at the beginning as having a junior and senior man in the family, the uncertainty was near to overwhelming me.

Fortunately, we came through it with the support of friendship and Chinese chicken soup.

To achieve the ultimate productivity of our mankind, so many structured theories, projects and trade systems have been advanced, We are constantly consuming the comforts that modern life provides, however we seem to be pushed into a situation of subconsciously competing with machines and even AI.

We have developed the fear of losing control, being outcast, being substituted and being ordinary.

Fear, as most of the time, has driven us into routine, rituals, plans and goals.

In the coming New Year, I shall try to dream bigger in running my own design practice – Studio Tian.

I was summoned for a meeting in the office on the first day of coming out of self isolation and learnt I would be made redundant at the end of July.

I lost my job due to the pandemic but have now found a better and more satisfying path for my career.

Indeed, first I need to master how to be driven and powered by self-care and love.

This is our key take-away from the Covid  experience!

Love is more; let us take care of each other, more…

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