The CGI visual of a standard unit of a student accommodation in Sheffield. 
We’ve  designed & a created to market to potential investors

Whether you are thinking of building your own grand design, opening a new restaurant, establishing a retail shop or you are in the process of re modelling a competitive product for your market, the innovation of CGI rendering could enable you to visualise your dream, long before it’s built.

Can CGI visuals improve your chance of success? The answer is YES – and here are 3 key reasons why:

  •  Crystallise your ideas
  •  Engage your audience and gain feedback
  •  Save time and predict costs

You may have a great imagination and it may be clear in your mind, but there will always be gaps between your imagination and reality. 2D sketches, Photoshop collages and reference images are a great starting point however professionally rendered 3D images will provide you with an ultra-realistic mock-up of your dream, so you can make those all-important final touches before you’ve even started. Take it out of your mind and see it in real time on your screen.

Receiving feedback is one of the key elements to the success of your project. Being able to present photo-realistic visuals of your ideas so that everyone such as clients, family and friends, can see them as clearly as you, enable you to gain valuable feedback.

Professional CGI comes in 4 stages; model building, material texturing, lighting and rendering. The model building can help you deliver your ideas to the builders, decorators and craftsmen to stipulate your required detail. With the addition of CAD drawings, you can work with your contractor to calculate more accurate costs and timescales for each of the stages of work.

If you would like to know more about how CGI could benefit you and your project, get in touch using the details below:

Tia Tian


T/ 0125 461 9706 

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