Weeks ago an artist friend, Kathryn, asked me to pop over and have a look at her homemade flyer design.  She wanted me to use my designers’ eyes to scan her flyer and approve her final draft before committing to print.
A couple of days later THM was commissioned to undertake another poster design.
So I am gathering some thoughts on good flyer design in the hope it will be helpful for you when designing your attention grabbing flyers posters or Christmas cards.


On using beautiful AND meaningful images


“A picture is worth a thousand words” is most especially true in our current overloaded world.
A flyer should grab your audience’s attention in less than that second before they bin it or click onto the next screen.
Choosing an image which is both attention-catching and relevant to your key message is the fundamental foundation of good design. 

Clear and Concise…

We all have much more that we want to say and many more than one image we like, but the golden rule about design is to keep it clear and simple and it won’t go far wrong.
Even at your first try.


and Consistent 

If you have already established your brand, pick the style of the image, colour scheme and fonts, which are consistent with your brand – consistency creates real impact (by avoiding ‘brain clutter’ and confusion)

Build hierarchy of the message



Once you decide your key message, build a hierarchy of content, which should lead the readers’ eyes (and attention) along the logical path.
Make your core message bigger and stronger and let the rest of the additional text be smaller – relative font sizes and positions are key elements in the art of persuasion (much more so than pointers, arrows, stars, quirky fonts and a whole palette of colour).

Call to ACTION

You almost always need to lead the viewer to DO the action you want them to take.

Design for distribution

Remember to design your flyer for the medium and printing method available. You might chose digital presses to print or even your printer at home depends on the budget and speed required. Bear in mind to understand the limitations of the printers that will be using. It is crucial to generate your flyer file into PDF with high press quality. 

Ask for professional’s help


If you are busy and would like professionals to take care of your design, THM is always pleased to help. Our expertise in design and good commercial common sense will maximise the impact -and the results.  
Please free to contact us for a quote or chat
THM Design 

P/ 0750 310 8535

E/ info@thehybridmill.com 


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